Ergonomic and perfect models to guarantee the maximum in terms of comfort

Task chairs, from classic chairs to models with more modern designs, are commonly used in the operational spaces of companies and industries.

These office chairs are designed by putting the needs of workers first, to put them in the best working conditions.

Task office chairs have high functionality.
All seats are available in many colors, with or without armrests.

Swivel office chairs are the most requested, because they allow freedom of movement and allow them to be used in a versatile way. These office chairs are ideal for anyone looking for comfort, durability and functionality.

sedie operative



Classic or modern, choose the model that best suits your personality

Executive chairs are office chairs made for executives and boardrooms.

These armchairs are available in different models for size, materials and colors.
The executive armchairs are all ergonomic, made both in leather and fabric in different colors, to allow you to best adapt the chair to your office.

Due to the quality of materials used, executive office chairs are crushproof and maintain comfort and softness over time.

The seat adjustment mechanisms are safe and durable.



Ideal for office waiting rooms, clinics and much more, they will be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

seat for community is the seating used in large gathering spaces such as conference rooms, convention halls, training rooms and auditoriums.

The possibility of joining the chairs together and stacking them allows you to organize the seats, rationalizing the use of the available space.

These chair models, in addition to being very comfortable, are in demand for their ease of movement and use.



Classic in shape but always up-to-date to meet the ergonomic needs of every worker

Stools are used in workshops, laboratories and various types of operating stations.

The possibility of choosing backrests and seats in wood, in polyurethane or upholstered allows any operator to be satisfied

Gli sgabelli sia basi che alti, oltre ad essere molto funzionali grazie anche alla possibilità di montare poggiapiedi, sono molto robusti e adatti a qualsiasi ambientie di lavoro

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