A versatile system for all goods in the warehouse

Heavy industrial shelvingisdesigned to meet any space and storage requirements for medium/heavy loads in the version with and without shelves. The pallet racking shelves are offered in three different models (50 series, 60 series and 80 series) all united by sturdiness, quality and modularity.

Shoulder depth: from 300 mm to 1200 mm

Beam length: from 1000 mm to 3000 mm

Shoulder height: from 2000 mm to 5500 mm

scaffalature per portate pesanti

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Shelving for pallets or shelves

The bolt shelf consists of the following elements:

  • Shoulders
    Formed by two uprights with shaped profile made of 8/10 thick sheet metal. Available in 60 mm and 80 mm widths
    Holes every 50 mm to insert the beams. Horizontal and inclined crosspieces in rectangular tubular are welded to the uprights
    Oven painted with epoxy polyester powder.
    Absolute absence of sharp edges or cutting parts.
  • Beams
    The 2 mm thick corner pieces are L-shaped with 38×38 or 38×70 mm sides. On the sides of the corner pieces rows of slots have been made for inserting the bolts.
    Feet in rubber or in galvanized steel
  • Flatbeds
    They are made of electro-galvanized sheet metal and are available in 3 different thicknesses to be evaluated according to capacity
  • Measurements
    Shelf length: cm 80, cm 100, cm 120
    Shelves depth: cm 40, cm 40, cm 50, cm 80
    Height: 100, 150,200, 250, 300 cm


  • fall arrest net
  • divider tubs
  • separators
  • roll holder or drum holder
scaffale pesante

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